Pearlindia Laboratories

We are comprised with scientific researches and pearl culturing operations in the sea and freshwater..

Pearl Production

Using the native species of the oysters Pinctada margaritifera, Pteria penguin in Andaman Islands, black gold and silvery white pearls are produced in captivation of precious gem.
In freshwater, species like Hyriopsis cumingi and Lamellidens maginalis are used to produce freshwater pearls.

Research Activities

Studies to develop most modest technologies are the simultaneous activity. we have identified the species and most suitable culture environment that produce world's precious most pearls.

Pearl Quality Tests

Experts gemologists analyse each pearl comprehensively in the laboratory and issue the Certificate of Authentication for every pearl.


Our pearl culture activities are comprised with in-vivo as well as in-vitro culture. through the tissue culture we have been able to develop the technology to produce pearls with customised colors and quality in specific culture medium to induce the process with specialised micro-nutrients employments.

About is the Gemological Laboratory that analyse the gem specially pearls in terms of its quality and issue the certificate of authentication. 

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